American Summers

Summer job opportunities in America made simple


American Summers needed a bank of content to support their seasonal recruitment campaign for staff at summer camps across America.

Their content needed to attract and guide customers through the sales funnel; inspiring, engaging, informing, and educating potential staff to sign up for the summer of a lifetime!

We meticulously planned and maximised a 3 day shoot on location in order to produce the varied content they required.

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Once the hero video had grabbed the attention of potential participants, American Summers wanted supporting content that helped to give an authentic insight into what it’s really like to work at camp, and what people take away from it.

We filmed with multiple members of staff in order to appeal to their wide and varied target demographics.

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Still not wanting to stop once participants had signed up, American Summers wanted additional video content to help guide participants through preparations for camp; bringing FAQ’s to life and streamlining the after sales process, freeing up their team to continue recruiting.

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“We contracted What Media to produce video marketing content for our US based operation.  Despite the distance and time zone, they were responsive, well organized and had a great grasp of what we were looking for.  They were eager for us to be happy and were extremely flexible in accommodating the unique challenges to some of the filming needed.  Their team go ABOVE and BEYOND to deliver a first class product that we were very proud of.  Oh and they are FUN to work with too!"
Matt Buczek
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